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The Cambridge Winter Tournament
Sat 6th & Sun 7th January 2018

(updated 7/1/18)

CWT 2018:


  • Mens Foil (tableau)
  • Womens Foil (tableau)
  • Mens Sabre (tableau)
  • Womens Sabre (tableau)
  • Mens Epee (tableau)
  • Womens Epee (tableau)
  • The Competition is an adult senior six weapon BFA registered Open and includes Mens Foil, Womens Foil, Mens Epee, Womens Epee, Mens Sabre and Womens Sabre.

    • SATURDAY: MF check-in closes 9:00am.
    • SATURDAY: WF check-in closes 9:30am.
    • SATURDAY: MS check-in closes 11:00am.
    • SATURDAY: WS check-in closes 11:00am.
    • SUNDAY: ME check-in closes 9:00am.
    • SUNDAY: WE check-in closes 9:30am.
    • Emergency phone number for delayed arrival - 07802 727473
    • Entries will all be validated - no need for proof unless notified.
    • Cake, fruit and limited sandwiches will be available to buy. Due to
      sports centre requirements drinks (other than water) will only be
      available through vending machines in the centre.

    Entry fee is 25.00 per weapon (or 32 for late entries at the organiser's discretion). Close of entries is for those received on 24th December 2017.

    Leon Paul will provide an equipment stall.

    Entry may be made via one of two routes (late entries only available online via

    • Online: Entry is available via our regional online entry system using PayPal for payment at This may offer late entries but strictly at the organiser's discretion.

      [We will not be using Sport80
      this year.

    • By post: This requires a completed entry form and a cheque - no Payal/BACS/Cash.
      No postal entries will be accepted after the closing date of 24th December. An entry form is available in doc or pdf format.

    CWT Competition Format:

    All weapons will have 1 or (ideally) 2 rounds of pools followed by a DE with no one eliminated from the pools.
    Please note that we do reserve the right to modify the format in the light of the entry size and conditions on the day.

    Venue *NOTE: same as last year*:

    University of Cambridge Sports Centre, Philippa Fawcett Drive, Cambridge CB3 0AS

    See University Sport Centre Website for location details (just off junction 13 on M11) There is parking available nearby but not at the Sports Centre itself - see car park map details.

    Other Information:

    Please email for other enquiries.

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